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marvel quasar

Context. Quasar is a Marvel Comics super-hero. Though his origins are complex (drawing heavily from s super-hero Marvel Boy (Bob Grayson)), he mostly. Quasar wurde von Don Glut, Roy Thomas und John Buscema erfunden und in Incredible Hulk#. Once a lowly agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Wendell Vaughn's life changed when he donned a pair of Quantum Bands to protect the devices from falling into the clutches.

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Gladiator received the message and arrived in the Fault with reenforcement Guardsmen. He is able to convince Nova to assist in the evacuation; it however turns into a desperate battle when Annihilus himself arrives. To guard against Ego being released, Quasar has been forced to exile himself into space. He also was able to regenerate his entire body from minute remains and did not need to eat, drink, or breathe. Wendell managed to escape from the Fault due to the combined efforts of himself, the Imperial Guard, the Starjammers, and Talon of the Fraternity of Raptors , who had been masquerading as Guardsman Smasher. She can be heard regularly on the More To Come Podcast. However he found that his duties as Protector of the Universe prevented him from giving the team his all. He nearly succumbed to Deathurge's "help", but was transported to subspace where Eon was waiting. He Quantum-Jumps into the Quantum-Zone and waits for. Immortus scoffed at Quasar's word, but agreed to suspend his assault on the Annihilators but only because he had time to analyze Quasar. Traveling to another multiverse — such as the home to the New World championship snooker results today — may render this power inoperable. Marvel and was an Avenger. Wendell Vaughn of Earth was chosen as the recipient of the power of Captain Universe to defeat the serpent-god Set.


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